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Watch James Bond Through The Years On Direct Tv

James Bond is probably the ultimate action hero. He covers all of the bases, and does it without resorting to superpowers, like most of the other characters in the genre. Hes all man, unlike the Terminator. He cant pick up cars or read minds, and he certainly cant fly (although he has been known to jump out of planes sans parachute only to get up off the ground with nary a scratch. There have been six Bonds, and the debate over who best portrayed the character rages to this day. To make your own educated decision, youll have to rent each of the 22 films. Youll need a lot of time, as well as an HD TV; the latest in the series are absolutely breathtaking cinematographic masterpieces.

The first (and, in some peoples eyes, the last) Bond was Sean Connery. The dashing Scotsman was perfect for the role. The combination of his steely reserve and natural wit made the lines seem natural. Other Bonds, in retrospect, have had trouble with these same quips, resulting in dialogue that sounds corny and forced. Connery looked at ease with these lines, as if he was a sports writer going through the days scores.

The next Bond was Roger Moore (though George Lazenby starred in On Her Majestys Secret Service, hes not really worth more than a passing mention). Moore lasted through seven films, including the extremely popular Moonraker and Live and Let Die. All of these movies attained massive success at the box office, along with widespread critical acclaim. To this day, there are those that argue that Moore is the penultimate incarnation of James Bond, Secret Agent 007.

Pierce Brosnan updated the role with his smooth good looks and suave demeanor. His first performance as Bond was in GoldenEye, released in 1995. After a six-year lapse from the last film, the advancements in cinematography were obvious. Also updated was the technology at Bonds disposal. After all, filming for Timothy Daltons last movie started in 1987-computers (and the electronics associated with them) werent nearly as ubiquitous at that point as they are today.

The newest incarnation of James Bond is found in the performance of British actor Daniel Craig. This brooding, enormous hulk of a man brings a much darker tint to the character, which many find refreshing after Brosnans cosmopolitan leanings. Craigs Bond doesnt take no for an answer; hes a hard man who takes his job seriously.

Luckily, all of the Bonds are available in box set on DVD. High definition really makes these movies shine, so its worth waiting to buy the set until youve upgraded to a television that can do the films justice. If not, make sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Bond on satellite TV and cable; he makes frequent appearances in marathons that last for days. Be prepared for an experience, however, because these films will keep you glued to the couch for hours and hours.

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