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Using Creative Arts Therapy In Addiction Recovery

Creative arts therapy is increasingly being used to help women recover permanently from their drug and alcohol addiction. Studies show a dramatically improved success rate when it is used in conjunction with any other existing treatment program.

Creative arts therapy involves the use of one or more than one creative medium including music, dance, drama, art, poetry and writing in the process of addition recovery. These creative therapies provide the addict time to slow down, focus and get in touch with her real and authentic inner self. They provide a platform for expressing feelings that she cannot easily put into words or identify and boost self-esteem by encouraging the addict to create new experiences beyond painful, habitual emotional patterns.

Many people find it difficult to meditate even thought the benefits of meditation during addiction recovery are well documented. Color therapy fosters in them a renewed ability to relax and meditate through the very act of coloring itself. Coloring helps the addict to listen inwardly to her thoughts and be open to the process of healing. This alternative therapy helps women in addiction recovery to improve their awareness and coping skills through activities that most women do enjoy.

Mandalas are perfect for this purpose. The act of coloring a mandala helps addicts focus on the shapes, patterns and colors therein as well as the emerging design that unfolds, depending upon the colors that are chosen. It is the perfect combination of color therapy and active therapy.

Therapy through mandala coloring is a three-stage process that includes discerning the inner dialogue, suspending the inner dialogue and managing the inner dialogue. It works on the principle that color is action oriented and does not require any inner dialogue. Mandala coloring helps women who are in recovery learn the art of suspending and managing their inner dialogue. This in turn progressively pulls them into the recovery zone where they can ask questions and learn who they are and who they want to become, which is the essence of the recovery process.

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 1:15 pm
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