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The Video Games Industry Gives Entertainment Value To Millions

The video games industry is the fastest growing area of entertainment in the world and gives excellent entertainment value to millions of people all over the world.

The recent blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 selling over 4.7 million copies in America and the UK on its first day alone, generating revenues of 187 million, surpassing anything in entertainment history, even beating the most successful movie of all time.

In the UK over 73% play video games on a regular basis and according to a recent article published by a British newspaper, the video games industry currently holds a value of around $50billion, and a recent report also estimated that consumer spending on video games will grow by 6.6 percent on an annual basis.

The survey shows amazing figures in the UK alone, for example over 250,000million hours of gaming per week, and these figures is made up of children aged 8 and over 74% of the male population and 71% of the female population, and plays an average of 5.1 hours per week.

The total sales of all videogames software amounted to 1.625 billion in 2009 in the UK alone and still rising, and the gross sales for all video game software and hardware for the UK in 2009 generated 3.3billion in sales, which is quite something.

There was a time when video games were frowned upon and only held a niche audience, but today these games have become a massively popular and affordable form of entertainment for people of all ages around the world.

It would be fair to say that a vast proportion of UK households have a games console in the home and a vast proportion would be the PlayStation 3, which is hugely popular with gamers not only in the UK but all over the world.

Owning a PlayStation 3 console holds a lot of kudos, and can be so frustrating when things go wrong. There have been reports about different faults with this super console, YLOD (yellow light of death) being the most common, other faults have been reported such as freezing, not reading games or movies, just to name one or two.

Options open to the gamer is to first and foremost send the console back to Sony, which can be an expensive business, have a go oneself, which probable is not a good idea, you may do more harm than good, or the last and best option is find a reputable PlayStation 3 repair service.

A spokesman for PS Pros a PS3 repair service operating from their London premises said we repair PlayStation 3s in a fast turnaround time, we offer you, the customer, a same day PlayStation 3 repair if you are local to London we will carry out any repairs while you wait, and we offer a postal service to those living outside the city, we can pick up your console and deliver back, easy, also our prices cannot be matched. We are professionals and are proud to be servicing both in London and New Your, we have repaired tens of thousands of PS3s and are proud of our PlayStation 3 repair service.

You have the best entertainment value at your finger tips make sure you act immediately if and when a fault occurs.

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