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The Blessings Of The Dish Network Remote

Since my family has gotten access to Dish Networks satellitetv offerings, it has completely changed the way the family views television. No longer do we have to endure whatever may be on television at any given time, instead, we can choose from among over 500 channels of music and satellitetv entertainment. Moreover, with a single Dishnetwork remote control, I am put in control of what my family watches at all times! Finally, the satellitetv remote controls every aspect of our Dishnetwork experiencethus, the control of the television, programming and all of the equipment is easily handled with one simple tool.

The remote control that accompanies a satellitetv receiver from Dishnetwork is a truly amazing tool. I can lock out certain stations and hide stations from my childrenstations that I may not necessarily deem appropriate for them to watch. By pressing the MENU option from the remote control, I can easily enter the LOCKS feature. The LOCKS feature has allowed me to set up an access code for any channels that I may want to view when my children are not present and it prevents my children from viewing stations that would otherwise be considered inappropriate. Whats more, I can HIDE channels that I dont want my children viewingout of sight, out of mind.

My favorite feature offered by Dishnetworks remote control is the ability to BROWSE all five hundred channels while I continue watching whatever is currently being aired. By pressing the BROWSE button, I can view what will be coming on later in the evening, what time the satellitetv show will be aired, how long the anticipated programming is and what station the program will be on. The BROWSE feature on the remote control simply displays all of the information in an unobtrusive menu at the bottom of the television screenthus, you can continue watching any program while you determine what you will watch later on.

My children enjoy Dishnetworks remote control too. Why? With Dishnetworks interactive channel, they can play different game offerings with the remote control! The buttons of the remote act much like a joystick and they can play various games on the Dishnetworks Interactive channel. The games that my children can access with the remote control include Playin TV, Kidswise, Playjam and Trivia. Plus, they can easily access the Karaoke channel with the satellitetv remote.

I like that fact that with a click of the satellitetv remote that I can access six channels at one glance, I can get instant customer support and I can review my Dishnetwork account history. In fact, I can even pay my Dishnetwork account with my satellitetv remote!

I also like the immediate access to Dish Network FYI, Remote help, Customer Info, Instant local weather, Bloomberg News, News by Reuters, the weekly horoscopes, various shopping channels, various sports channels and entertainment sources. The best part of all is that I can access all of the above information without ever having to move off the couch!

The Dishnetwork remote control also offers access to the THEME guide. I can simply click a button and within moments I can select any movie or television show I want based on a particular theme. So, if I am in the mood for a movie, I simply click on movies and get a full listing of the days feature presentations. Or, if I so choose, I can order a pay-per-view movie by confirming my purchase with my remote control.

The audio settings of my television can also be controlled with my Dishnetwork remote control, as well as by VCR. In fact, the Dishnetwork remote control can be setup to control most of the electronics in my entertainment center. Plus, the easy to navigate satellitetv guide can be accessed numerous ways with the satellitetv remote. I can simply press the GUIDE button, or I can access the program guide through the MENU button on my remote. Likewise, as mentioned earlier, I can view all programs through the THEMES button or the BROWSE buttonwhatever is most convenient at the moment.

Our Dishnetwork remote control can also turn the satellite receiver off and on, can control our television power, and can also switch to VCR mode with the click of the various mode buttons. With the remote, I can set the program guide in ascending or descending order according to my personal preferences, and I can even establish a list of favorite channels with the remote by accessing the MENU button.

Dishnetwork has made maintaining our satellitetv service a simple process that can be handled with the remote control. I can test the outgoing land line by accessing the MENU button and the DIAGNOSTICS feature. I can also test the strength of the satellite signal by accessing the MENU button and the installation feature and if there is a problem present I can change satellite transponders with my remote control.

Changing the language preference of the Dishnetwork display is easily done with the remote control. Further, the RECALL button allows me to move back and forth through the channels with ease. Finally, I never have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of any process or losing my way around all of the Dishnetwork features offered. I can easily hit the CANCEL button and I will be returned to the programming I was viewing. Whats more, if I ever have trouble figuring out the satellitetv remote control there is a REMOTE HELP feature and an entire channel dedicated to teaching subscribers how to successfully operate the satellitetv service.

More than a television remote, the satellitetv remote offered by Dishnetwork is a serious tool. It controls every aspect of my familys television viewing experience and puts me at the helm of family entertainment. The choices and options that Dishnetwork provides and the control provided with the remote control make Dishnetworks services easy to use and I couldnt be happier with my decision to become a Dishnetwork subscriber.

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