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The Arts Effect On Society

The arts effect on society is very obvious. You can see how it changes the perspectives of people towards certain things. Take for example about rain. Before poet wrote about rains and described it beautifully in their prose, rains are just water pouring down from the sky to people.

But after poets have expressed their admiration about rains, many people have taken appreciation of the cloud precipitates. Painters draw them on their canvass. The same thing with other things that were taken at face value by the people before the resurgence of artists describing them elaborately either in books as for the writers, in poems as for the poets and in canvass as for painters.

There has been a contention about it imitating life. In the above example, it clearly presupposes that it does the other way around. That art changes how you see things.

A rain stops just being a rain when it is described by a certain poet to evoke certain feelings within him as he watches the droplets tapping on his window pane. On the other hand, one can also say that it indeed imitates life. A painter paints what he sees around him.

He gets inspired by the things that he encounters in the real life. His memories of these things are what he tries to preserve when he draws them on the canvass. When a writer writes a book, the stories that are found inside the book are most inspired from real life experiences.

So it is not also hard to believe that maybe art after all is patterned after life. Or, it could also be the opposite, that life is patterned after it. No matter what your stand is to this argument, you cannot help but notice how influential in can be on people.

People try to emulate what they saw on movies, that are written by no less artists themselves, the screenwriters. When you read fashion magazines, you see all these new trends in fashion and you try to follow them. You would like to buy the outfit of the models, the make up that they wore during the fashion shoot and the other accessories.

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 1:12 pm
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