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The 3 Most Important Dates Usually Featured in a Lenny Bruce Biography

There are a few dates that simply cannot be excluded whenever someone is producing a Lenny Bruce biography, and these tend to focus on the biggest events in the comedian’s life. No matter which film you see, whether it is the latest documentary or one that was made shortly after his death, you’ll find that these dates are prominently included in the film, so it is often worthwhile getting to know them.

1.October 13, 1925

Leonard Alfred Schneider was born on October 13, 1925 and so it simply cannot be excluded from any Lenny Bruce biography. The comedian was born in Mineola, New York and was enrolled in Wellington C. Mepham High School. His father, Myron Schneider, worked as a shoe clerk, while his mother, Dorothy Schneider worked in show business. Many people believe that it was Lenny’s mother’s influence that eventually led to him getting into show business. Lenny was only 5 years old when his parents split up, and he spent a great deal of his youth living with relatives. Later in life, Lenny joined the United States Navy, although he was dismissed later on.


Prior to his conviction in 1964, Lenny began to have many legal issues and he was arrested multiple times. In 1961, he was once again arrested in Philadelphia on drug possession charges, and in 1963 he was arrested once again. Allegations of obscenity had begun to result in Lenny being barred from many of the establishments where he would often perform, and it became commonplace for officers to attend his events so that they could arrest him when he used profanities or content they deemed as -unacceptable-. He was arrested twice in 1964 in a caf in Greenwich Village when two undercover policemen who sat in the audience charged him with a range of obscenities. The trial lasted about 6 months and Lenny Bruce was found guilty on November 4th, 1964 of obscenity. He started appealing the verdict, but died before it could reach its conclusion.

3.August 3rd, 1966

It was on August 3rd, 1966 that Lenny Bruce died in his bathroom in his home in the Hollywood Hills. He was found with an array of narcotics paraphernalia, and the cause of death was said to be a result of -acute morphine poisoning-. Many people believed that it was the state’s dogged persecution of Lenny that eventually led to his downfall. On December 23rd, 2003, a posthumous pardon was granted to Lenny, 37 years after he died.

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