Sensual Tips – Proper Grooming for Men

Too often, men on the lookout for useful sensual tips focus solely on “below the belt” issues and forget that sensual attraction is a total body thing. With that in mind, it’s clear that body grooming can be an important asset when one is seeking a new partner or searching for ways to maintain the heat with an existing one. Body grooming certainly encompasses male organ care, but that’s only part of the grooming routine.

Hair definition

Good grooming involves many different facets, but this article will focus on hair grooming. Why? Because hair grooming plays such a key role in defining a man’s “look.” Many sensual tips relate exclusively to the hair on top of one’s head, but all parts of the body that sport hair can be attended to.

That doesn’t mean that one needs to shave the hair on all parts of the body or even necessarily to alter the hair. It does mean that a man needs to take a total body hair assessment and determine what works as is and what doesn’t – and what needs to be done to correct what is not working.

Hairstyle. This is the biggie, of course, and the one to which most men already pay the most attention. Finding the haircut that works best for a man’s particular face is crucial. A guy should decide what he wants his haircut to say, what message it should convey. He then needs to find a stylist that can create that perfect look that no woman can resist. And, even more importantly, he needs to learn what he can do to maintain that look between cuts. The proper frequency of shampooing and conditioning, level of blow-drying, tricks for combing or brushing, etc. are essential. It can be time-consuming, but the gleam in a partner’s eye makes it worth the effort.

Eyebrows. Here’s where many men fall down. A certain degree of thickness in the eyebrows is appealing, but those that begin to resemble an overgrown jungle may go too far. It is also the rare man who can pull off the “uni-brow” look. Careful trimming and occasional tweezing can go a long way to improving these arches that create the all-important frame to a man’s eyes.

Facial hair. Some guys are born for the sensual stubble look; on others, it looks sloppy. The same goes for beards and mustaches. It pays for a man to get some solid, honest answers from his best friends (especially those of the female persuasion) to know what level of facial hair looks best on him. And very few look good with unruly, bushy growths, so those who opt for facial hair need to be attentive to trimming.

The torso. A hairy chest can be very manly – or it can resemble a shag rug that has attached itself to one’s body. Thick back hair is almost always a turn-off to a partner. Keeping torso hair to its best level is a very good idea, especially during the hot months when a man is apt to be shirtless. Remember: There’s nothing wrong with waxing, especially one’s back, if it’s called for.

Male organ hair. More and more men are paying attention to the hair around their sensual equipment. If a guy is in a relationship, it pays to ask how his partner feels about the hair down there. Many find a thick bush is sensual; others prefer a nicely trimmed thatch, while others think the totally bald look is a turn-on.

Many useful sensual tips recommend some shaving of the manhood hair when grooming. Shaved or not, it’s essential to keep the equipment in good health through the use of a quality male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Those crmes with natural moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E are especially good for soothing a newly-shaved member, as well as making any member look spiffier and healthier. It’s also essential that the crme contain L-arginine, an enzyme that plays a role in nitric oxide production and therefore in aiding male organ blood flow. A well-groomed body is an excellent way to showcase a healthy-looking rod.

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Sensual Tips – Date Movie Do’s and Don’t’s

Going to a date movie is de rigueur for couples, although for some men the experience can be on the boring side. Nonetheless, numerous sensual tips mention the need for a man to make an effort to share the interests of his partner, which only makes sense and is really quite fair. Guys sometimes think that successful dating involves nothing more than being masculine and entertaining, and making sure their male organ care regimen has kept them ready for action. That only scratches the surface, and a date movie is an inevitable part of long-term (or even many short-term) relationships.

What is a date movie?

Simply put, a date movie is a film the plot of which has an emphasis on a romantic relationship. The idea is that this is a film that helps solidify or reflect the romantic feelings of couples viewing it.

Following a few simple do’s and don’t’s can make the date movie experience more productive. Here are some basics to remember – starting with what NOT to do:


– Expect a lot of action. Romantic comedies (or romcoms, for short) are the most typical date movies, although serious romantic dramas are also popular. However, it’s hard to stretch the definition of a date movie to include lots of explosions or fierce battles between giant robots.

– Suggest that watching an adult video should count as a date movie. Many couples do enjoy incorporating such videos into their relationship; but when a woman is asking for a date movie, she’s looking for something else for the time being. (The good news is that “something else” often leads to some steamy coupling after the movie.)

– Joke all the way through the film. The occasional witty remark is fine, but when one starts making fun of the film’s flaws or outlandish plot twists, the warm glow one’s partner had been feeling may turn into an impenetrable iciness.

– Leave midway during the film to get popcorn or to visit the facilities (unless, of course, Nature really is calling). The point of a date movie is to be together, and a man’s absence will be felt and significantly noted.


– Keep things in perspective. A relationship is give-and-take; if she has gone to three end-of-the-world action flicks in a row, maybe going to one romcom isn’t such an outrageous request after all.

– Make a real effort. Although a lot of men resist date movies, many find that, once they watch them, they enjoy them much more than they might want to admit. However, even if a man resolutely hates the date movie experience, he needs to be sensitive to how his partner feels about it and not ruin the experience for her.

– Take advantage of the romantic scenes. Wrapping one’s arms around one’s partner and squeezing tight during an appropriate scene feels nice for both parties. A guy should pay attention to what the onscreen couple does that causes a warm reaction in his date; he may be getting some hints that he can use later on in the evening to get a similar response.

– Use the movie to demonstrate a sensitive side. A guy should talk intelligently about what happened in the film, and be sure to listen to what his date has to say. This can be a learning experience that actually deepens one’s relationship.

Sensual tips focus frequently on sharing experiences, and making a date movie a success can be a big advance for a couple. Some of the best coupling occurs after viewing such films. Guys should therefore make sure that their tools are in good health for any post-date activities. Using a superior male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is ideal for maintaining that health. Those that contain vitamin A can help banish unwanted manhood odor (a deal-breaker in bed), thanks to that vitamin’s potent anti-bacterial properties. And one that contains L-arginine can help to keep member blood flow in proper order, something guys don’t think about but which is crucial for proper male organ function.

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Dry Male Organ Get the Right Skin Care Product

The male organ is no stranger to friction; regular use, both with a hand and a partner’s body, give the manhood skin plenty to contend with. Skin may also be assaulted by the constant friction provided by the fabric of a man’s undergarments. Even soft fabrics can take their toll over time. Finally, skin may simply be dry and cracked due to a combination of cold weather and canned indoor heat that saps the skin of moisture. The result in each case is pain and sometimes impaired function. It’s important for men to take male organ care steps to protect their delicate manhood skin. The following explains why and how to manage a dry male organ.

Why Male Organ Skin Care?

There are a few great reasons to consider the presence of dry, irritated skin on the male organ a call to action:

– Dry skin hurts! Cracked and dehydrated skin can feel itchy and sore, two things no man wants for his male organ. Using his precious member may be difficult or even impossible, since dry skin lacks the elasticity of healthy skin; sliding it up and down may prove too painful.

– Dry skin generally has cracks in it. In the male organ, this could translate to increased risk of bacterial infections, as cracks provide harboring grounds to bacteria. Some bacteria is normal on the male organ; when there is an imbalance, smells and infections can occur. Cracked skin is but one risk factor.

– Sensation may be reduced. When skin is injured, the body responds by forming new skin. This new layer is generally tougher than the former; this process, called keratinization, is designed to protect the skin from further harm. However, the tougher layer of skin is less sensitive to sensations, something certainly not beneficial to the male organ, which thrives on sensitivity to different forms of touch.

That’s why skin care is important for men, too – particularly, their manhoods.

What Type of Product?

A man with dry manhood skin may be tempted to reach for any old lotion he has sitting around the house. But consider the following:

– Manhood skin is, hopefully, more sensitive than the skin on the rest of a man’s body. That means it is more susceptible to irritation from chemicals and fragrances. Many lotions designed for the hands, face or body generally may be too harsh for the male organ. A man should make sure the product he uses contains natural, non-astringent ingredients (one designed specifically for the male organ is best).

– Look for Shea butter on the ingredient list. Shea butter is the oil from an African fruit; it has been used for centuries to treat many different skin conditions, including burns, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and sores. While it may have an unpleasant odor and consistency for some when applied in its pure form, it is often mixed into preparations with other ingredients for a more pleasant experience.

– Vitamin E is another good ingredient to look out for. It’s all-natural and effective at keeping moisture from leaving the skin. There are several straight vitamin E products out there, such as vitamin E oil, but these tend to be greasy. They may block pores and increase the likelihood of developing pimples. Generally, that’s something men would like to avoid on their male organs.

– Invest in a male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A quality product will contain the abovementioned ingredients along with other skin- and male organ-friendly components, such as vitamin C, for collagen production and youthful skin, and acetyl L-carnitine, which acts to protect nerves and maintain sensitivity levels. Healthy, supple, moisturized skin on the male organ will also help men remain sensitive in the manhood region, and will maximize the pleasure a man and his partner take in touching the member. When dry skin attacks, respond with the appropriate weapon.

Visit for more information most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.