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Suggested Wall Arts For A Blank Kitchen Wall

When choosing a wall art for an empty wall in the kitchen is something that has to be carefully decided. Here are my suggested decors you might want to display on your wall namely: large spoon and fork, assorted wall plates, framed canvas, printed kitchen set towel and pot holder, tiled plaque set, wall art ceramic tile, tea cupboard wall art, and wall shelves.

A kitchen should be as lively as possible to motivate a person to cook more delectable foods. No single wall in the kitchen must be left blank because it would mean a boring area to work on. Here are some of my personal choices, which I think would stand out namely:

Large spoon and fork

An over-sized utensil would make a perfect wall art for a large blank wall space. It could be made from ceramic materials with fruity designs or a hand-crafted wood. They make the right symbolism for the kitchen area.

Assorted wall plates

Those old and unused plates of various shapes and designs from your old grandmother’s cabinet can be transformed into a useful kitchen wall decor. They can be randomly arranged on an empty wall to bring out its natural beauty.

Framed canvas

You can choose from abstract, photos, fruits, and other related kitchen stuff as your theme in painting. The cost may vary depending on the size and medium used. Have them framed and displayed on the wall to give a homey ambiance.

Printed kitchen set towel and pot holder

Aside from holder of hot pots and pans, pot holders and towels are nice wall art in the kitchen. To get away from the traditional plain designs, choose something like with photo, sayings or prayer prints on it.

Tiled plaque set

Tiled plaques bearing kitchen ensembles mounted on the kitchen wall are more than enough to turn your blank space into something classy. Pick something that conveys messages related to kitchen like Cuccina, cooking time, and the likes.

Wall art ceramic tile

Ceramics are also a good choice since they don’t get out of style as compared with the other contemporary wall arts. Fruits and veggies may be the right themes for a kitchen wall.

Tea cupboard wall art

Hand-crafted tea cupboard are work of arts that compliments your kitchen space well. This type of wall art is delicately appealing, which must be placed on a wide and empty wall.

Wall shelves

If you like it organized and neat, mounted wall shelves will be used to arrange unnecessary things in the kitchen. Ensure that the wall art is visible enough to accommodate a large portion of the wall.

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 1:11 pm
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