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Status Of Entertainment In Delhi

Delhi can be rightfully called the Culture capital of India. With the presence of so many historical monuments and a rich amalgamation of Indian culture, it truly represents India. Only a very few cities in the world can compare with Delhi in its culture tourism. The city also boasts of world class entertainment facilities such as theatre shows, musical plays, cinemas, amusement parks, clubs, shopping malls, bowling alley, multiplexes, game parlours, bars, pubs, restaurants, lounges, discotheques, and art galleries.

A visitor to Delhi can have a dream vacation with all these facilities. He can have his choice of theatre shows from NSD, Puppet Theatre shows, Prithvi Theatre, India International Centre, Akshara Theatre, Shri Ram theatre, Alliance Francaise, Epicentre in Gurgaon, The Little Theatre Group, and many more. He can enjoy dramas, musical plays and recitals.

For shopping, Delhi is a connoisseurs delight. From latest in the world to the ethnic handicrafts of India, you can find it all here. Places like Janpath in Connaught place, Delhi Haats and Chandni Chowk is a shoppers delight. For handicrafts, Delhi has State sponsored emporiums where you can shop at very reasonable prices.

There are legions of multiplexes and cinema halls to quench the thirst of movie buffs. Delhi provides heaven sent opportunity for all music lovers. Whatever be the type of music, be it Classical, Indian, Western, Indipop, Concerts, Rock Festivals, Ghazals, Qawwalis, you can enjoy all of it here. Delhi also organizes various festivals, which provide a glimpse into local culture and offer alternative entertainment options. For party goers, Delhi has a variety of exciting entertainment options such as restaurants, bars and night clubs.

However, a sad reality exists. As in comparison to other metropolitans of world and even Mumbai, nightlife in Delhi is almost zero. All over the world, when the sun goes down, people go out and enjoy in bars, nightclubs, dance clubs and all that. Nightlife stands for entertainment and fun at night. But, Delhi is far behind of others. The only consolation in sight is that Delhi’s night scene has grown rapidly in recent years and in some time it will be at top. Then the nightlife in Delhi will be totally different.

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