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Sithonia Halkidiki Greece – The Perfect Get Away

Looking at a picture postcard of Sithonia in Greece, one can scoff and consider the picture a fake, but when a tourist finally arrives at his destination, he sees what he has been missing all along. The picture postcard view is the most real thing in the world when one considers an exotic but homely place such as Sithonia in Greece.


The people, food and most importantly, the accommodation makes the world traveler feel at home while he might be halfway across the world in a strange place.

The best accommodations in Sithonia are the various hotels in Sarti, Psakoudia, Neos Marmaras, Kalamitsi and Nikiti, in the forms of bungalows, apartments, suites or studios.

Sarti Halkidiki Hotels

The historically important Sarti in Halkidiki harbors one of these apartments, called the Erifili Apartments from where the views of the monasteries and churches are breathtaking and so are the white sand beaches. This focal point brings together nature and religion in the most brilliant way. Modern amenities including air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen, fridge, television, and a balcony make them self sufficient units to stay in.

Nikiti Halkidiki Hotels

Nikos Hotel in Nikiti, is a perfect family hotel that makes sure that a person is not away from home by providing Wi-Fi and electronic gadgetry that can make comfort seem like a breeze. Nikiti along with these facilities also harbors the most quaint population and environment where a person can unwind in leisure. This place has also been noted to be the perfect balance between high ground and the sea, for tourists coveting the mountains and the beach equally.

Neos Marmaras Halkidiki Hotels

The paradise on earth, namely Paradisos in Halkidiki, which has the elegant Sunset Hotel, Sithonia Halkidiki apartments near the beach, allows the recreation in terms of water sports and para-sailing. The pool bar and children’s park allow clear demarcation in the Sunset Hotel premises and provide facilities for both parents and restless children. Umbrellas and sun beds are available for free for the guests and these can be taken to the beach and brought back when guests retire for the day.

Kalamitsi Halkidiki Hotels

Various other Sithonia hotels providing picturesque views and comfortable shelters can be found at the Kalamitsi region where one finds the Nine Muses Halkidiki apartments in Sithonia. Offering a view of the mountain side these studios also harbor fabulous snack bars, cafeterias and all day restaurants for all the tourists as well as the locals. Providing culture and tradition on a plate, they are known for producing a scrumptious and a wholesome meal.

Psakoudia Halkidiki Hotels

Philoxenia Bungalows and Apartments at Psakoudia are like a fresh breath of air since this quaint hamlet is cut off from the rest of the world but continues to be connected in the modern technological sense. Safe and secure, these may have the best outdoor facilities that one can hope for in the middle of nowhere. Quietly close to the train station and airport, it is well connected and alive. Thus, all in all Philoxenia Halkidiki apartments welcomes all the tourists in the world to their fabulous beaches and more so their hotels which know how to deal with errant problems and treat guests. Going out of their way they welcome you with warm arms, so get your seats booked today.

Wherever you choose to stay one thing is for sure; Sithonia hotels in Halkidiki will fulfil all of your demands!

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