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Revolutionized Mri Claustrophobia And Entertainment System From Csp Medical

Arrangements to go for an MRI can be intimidating and frightening for many patients. This can cause frustration or make it difficult for doctors or MRI specialists to carry out their important duties properly. CSP Medical has acknowledged this issue and has introduced a form of MRI entertainment that can turn MRI appointments into a simple procedure.

CSP Medical is a supplier and distributer of medical supplies and equipment based out of London, Ontario, Canada. They supply a wide range of equipment and services under the following categories:

Quality Assurance Medical Physics, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Ultrasound

Radiation Protection Aprons, Protective Eyewear, Mobile Barriers, Control Booth Barriers, Scatter Radiation Protection

Positioning Aids Pediatric Positioning, Head & Neck, Extremities, Table Pads, Slickers

Medical Supplies Ultrasound Probe Covers, T-SPRAY II Disinfectant Cleanser, Mobile C-Arm Drape, Rad-Con Surface Cleaner, Rad-Con Hand Cleaner

Repair & Calibration Repair and Calibration process, Rental equipment, Trade-in offers

An MRI is used to provide a good contrast between the different soft tissues of the body. This makes it useful in imaging the brain, muscles, heart, and cancers. The negative of an MRI procedure is the claustrophobia, stress, and boredom often associated with the scan. The Wardray Premise Model MR6300, helps relieve patients of anxiety caused by MRI scans.

The Relax & View MRI Entertainment System is one of CSP Medical’s most unique products. The system was designed and constructed in the United Kingdom and intended to help relieve the problems in connection with the MRI environment, as well as to enhance the patient’s positivity. The unit is CE marked, compatible with systems up to and including 3 Tesla.

How Does It Work?

The Relax & View MRI Entertainment System uses advanced fibre optic technology to deliver the signal to the shielded screen enclosure, ensuring an artefact-free scan under various conditions. Specialists will have the ability to invert or reverse the displayed image, so that regardless of the orientation of the patient in the scanner or the mirror configuration, the patient will always view the displayed image in its correct orientation.

This unit is easily installed in existing MRI facilities without the need to ramp the magnet down. The audio side has the option to either be connected in through the scanner’s audio system or through CSP Medical’s Pure Sound Audio System.

Not only was this unit built with patients in mind, but the staff benefit from the Relax & View MRI Entertainment System as well. The reduced stress levels can lead to a relaxed and co-operative patient, in many cases no need for sedation, faster throughput patients, and a relief of boredom for children and adults.

MRI Scans are stressful enough. It is important to CSP Medical to provide revolutionary equipment that can lower the negative reactions to MRI Scans and further assist patients and staff. For more information about CSP Medical, visit cspmedical.

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