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Record Labels Looking For Artists – Big Secret Revealed!

First lets take a look at the big four record companies…

1. Sony Music Entertainment
2. EMI Group
3. Warner Music Group
4. Universal Music Group

Within these record companies you will find a whole bunch of smaller labels and vanity labels.

One of the majors will often sign an artist to a smaller first label because they want to test them out in the market. Also because often it sounds cooler for a new artist to be signed to a tiny little label that the public think is independent.

So Im going to let you into a little secret now….

Almost every label on the planet is looking for new artists right now, because thats their business!

Unless a label is closing down or just about to go out of business, they are always on the look out for new acts that are going to bring them in a profit because that is their business. Thats what pay the bills.

You wouldn’t find a baker not baking fresh bread every morning, and even though that is a very strange analogy its the same in the music industry.

Without new artists a label would die.

But the problem is that most musicians dont know how to approach a label, and then think that they have closed up shop and are not looking for new people.

This is all wrong.

The hard truth is that the label may just not be looking for artists like you at the moment 🙁

What you need to do is focus your efforts on one or two labels that have the best chance of getting what you do.

Then keep track of all their new artists and employees using google alerts.

If I could give you a road map to get signed it would go something like this.

Never ever send in a CD to the A&R department because they hardly ever listen and it does not seem very cool.

Your mission is to make the label think they have found you themselves, and that youre the most exciting next big thing ever!

There are so many ways you can do that but the first step is looking at your act and moulding yourself into something that you know the label is interested in at the moment.

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