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Make Your Own Arts And Crafts Flower Arrangements And Decoration For Fraction The Cost.

I love doing arts & crafts and share those idea with others. And I love finding excuses such as birthdays or weddings to make crafts for people as gifts. If you love doing arts & crafts, please come share your ideas with me!

Floral shops and craft stores charge a lot for flower arrangements whether it is for the weddings or for any other occasions. The usual mark up of prices are 50%-75% from the retail costs. Reason being is so that they can make a lot of money. And if the arrangements do not sale by certain time, they can afford to put them on sale for up to 75% off clearance sale and still not loose any money.

If you see something you like from those stores, why over pay the price? If you love doing arts and crafts, Why not buy the materials and make that flower arrangement yourself? You can make it even better and more beautiful. That way you will appreciated it more because it is made by you. Not to mention the “wow” expression from others when they see what you have made.

Silk flowers can be expensive. That is why you must always plan ahead. Crafts store have seasonal flowers out months before the reason is in place. So the best time to shop is actually in season. For example, if you want Christmas flowers and decorations. Shop around December, by then a lot of the stuff will be on sale. Why? Because all the spring flowers will be out and they will need to make room for those flowers.

I have made flowers arrangements for a few weddings now, including my own wedding. All the weddings I have done were all my wedding gift to bride and groom. I always tell people that wedding can be expensive, and flower arrangements can cost a lot. But you can still have a fabulous flowers display for your wedding at a fraction of costs if you plan ahead and make your own flower arrangements. So,
1. It will costs less.
2. Have fun and enjoy making those arrangements.
3. You will appreciate it more and so will the other people because it is made by you.

All those weddings I’ve done, cost me between $200 to less then $500. Those who shops around knows how expensive weddings flowers can be. Bridal bouquet alone can easily costs from 75$ to over $200. A friend of mine, her wedding flower arrangements for her wedding costed her $3000 from the floral shop. She should have asked me to make flowers for her, it would have saved her a lot of money.

The most expensive wedding I have done was for a close friend of mine. I spend in total just over $400. With that amount, I have made the bride’s bouquet, flower girl basket, 5 bride’s maid bouquets, 12 table centerpieces for the reception dinner, and 3 long candle holder flower displays for the head tables. The other two weddings cost me well under $300 to do a partial flower arrangements display. And I really enjoyed making those crafts, and people really loved the displays too.

So why spend a fortune from floral shops or crafts store when you can make your own flower arrangements or decorations for cheaper and better!

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 1:07 pm
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