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Learn The Ugly Truth Behind Reality Stardom In India With The Hot New Novel, Uberstar

Uberstar is Australian writer Vaughn Alain-Marshalls debut novel that takes you behind the scenes of the worlds biggest reality TV shows. Although the book is fiction, much of it is based upon Alaine-Marshalls experiences talking to reality-show producers, insiders, and contestants. Alaine-Marshall spoke to people involved with many big reality TV shows, including Indian Idol, American Idol, Australian Idol, and X Factor. In fact, many people broke their confidentiality agreements in order to speak to him. In order to protect peoples identities, Alaine-Marshall chose to write a novel rather than an expose.

It all started when a close family friend of Alaine-Marshall called him to talk about her experiences as a reality TV show contestant. At the time, his friend was a contestant on a major reality TV show. She begged for Alaine-Marshall to listen to her story, and as he heard it unfold, he couldnt help but feel convinced that it was necessary to get the story out there. What he discovered is that reality TV shows are based on an ugly system of bullying, just as what you find happening at school playgrounds.

Bullying and Its Role in Reality TV

Teen bullying is a major problem in schools around the world, and reality TV shows only serve to reinforce this behavior. Alaine-Marshall reveals through his captivating, whistle blowing work that reality TV shows like Indian Idol are built on a franchise of nastiness. Those who are more powerful tease people who are weaker than them by making malicious remarks and threats. Reality Tvshows are based on cruelty, which they serve up as a form of family entertainment.

The effects of bullying on a child can be quite severe. Children become withdrawn, anxious, depressed, and distrustful as a result of being teased. However, bullying will only continue to get worse since the behavior is accepted, if not encouraged, on mainstream television through reality TV. Children love to watch reality TV shows, so the impact that a show like Indian Idol can have on the youth is severe.

Why Read Uberstar?

In berstar, Alaine-Marshall reveals the dirty truth behind reality TV, and for you to learn how you can change the situation and stop this madness from airing on TV, you have to read the book. berstar is a page turner. Its the kind of book you could pick up and read in one or two sittings. Youll learn how the entire reality TV show system is built and who is controlling it. From the publicists to the executive producers, youll see who is behind this multi-million dollar entertainment model that keeps youngsters and adults alike glued to the screen day in, day out.

Despite its name, reality TV is far from reality. However, if we continue to watch these shows and let our children continue watching them, the ugly occurrences that take place on reality TV shows will eventually become a fact of everyday life. Reality TV has done plenty of damage to society as is, and the only we can stop it is if we understand how it works and the psychological reasons behind its popularity. All of this and much more is revealed in berstar, Alaine-Marshalls groundbreaking novel.

Initially, Alaine-Marshall wanted nothing to do with his friends story but since she begged him to listen to what she had to say, he sat down and heard it all. He was astounded by what he heard, and after he spoke with his friend, several other contestants and insiders came out to speak to him. Some of the people Alaine-Marshall spoke include very powerful executives in the entertainment industry, contestants, and publicists. Its as if these people realize what they are involved in is very wrong, but are having a hard time getting out of the system. After all, its a system based on money, and the taunting, teasing, and bullying that takes place on stage and behind the scenes of reality TV shows sells. Sickly enough, many people seem to enjoy watching others suffer.

Who is Vaughn Alaine-Marshall?

Vaughn Alaine-Marshall was a successful chiropractor, and put his career on hold for four and a half years in order to be able to get his story out to the public. Alaine-Marshall truly cares about making our society a better place. Thats why he feels the urge to share this important story and put a stop to the suffering that happens in front of the camera and behind the stage on reality TV. Everyone including the judges humiliating contestants on the screen, the publicists fishing for a good story, and the contestants who are hungry for their big break, is involved in the mess that has become reality TV. Its gotten so bad that a former reality TV contestant, Richard Heene, lied to law enforcement and said that his child was in a hot air balloon so he could garner publicity and extend his fifteen minutes of fame on reality TV.

If you want to know the truth behind reality TV and learn about what goes on behind the scenes of reality TV sets, look no further than Uberstar. For each copy of Uberstar sold in India, Alaine-Marshall will donate $1 to Asha for Education, an Indian non-profit with the mission of providing education to underprivileged children in India.

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