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Lalaloopsy Doll Spot Splatter Splash Selling For Over $300

Lalaloopsy dolls are becoming a rare commodity even on online stores. Though shopping on online stores is supposed to be economical but not in the case of some Lalaloopsy dolls; the Lalaloopsy doll Spot Splatter Splash was sold for an astronomical amount US $300 at eBay. This is a huge amount for a doll priced at US $25 by the manufacturers. The manufacturer MGA Entertainment kept the price of the Lalaloopsy dolls reasonable so that every little boy and girl could have a doll to play with. But the ever increasing demand and the low supply has pushed the price up considerably. Currently Spot Splatter Splash is available at Amazon for US $299.99.

Quirky, colorful and crazy Spot Splatter Splash is the hottest Lalaloopsy doll and it is no wonder that parents are willing to pay so much for this doll. Spot Splatter Splash is the most creative of all Lalaloopsy dolls. Crafted from the old overalls of a painter, the last stitch embedded the love of painting in Spot Splatter Splash. Spot Splatter Splash is stylishly dressed in a red and white dress. The top of her dress has stripes while the flaring red skirt has white polka dots on it. She wears a white apron over her dress to protect it from the stains of paints which seem to follow this budding artist everywhere. Her feet are covered with white sneakers having red laces and yellow soles. Her orange hair is neatly tied in pony tails which are held by pink bows.

Spot Splatter Splash was stitched on 25th October the International Artist Day; the painting maestro Picasso was also born on this day and maybe thats why Spot Splatter Splash is so talented. She loves dabbling with bright colors and has even spattered her pet zebra with blue paint. Her pet zebra has red and white stripes on it and has a purple tail as well as a purple mane. Spot Splatter Splashs love for colors is evident from the fact that even her house is tastefully adorned with colorful fabrics and buttons while her driveway is more like a colorful palette. Even the ladder leading up to the roof of her house is colorful and is made of pencil crayons. Spot Splatter Splash is in a habit of making big messes and her favorite food is spaghetti. This lovely Lalaloopsy doll comes with a promise certificate and a collectible poster.

Young girls love Spot Splatter Splash because of her strong personality and also because she inspires them. Parents cheerfully pay enormous amount for this doll because she has a positive influence on both girls and boys. Spot Splatter Splash brings out the creative streak in children; with Spot as a pal, sky is the limit when it comes to vivid imagination and expressing the feelings in colors.


Spot Splatter Splash is an awesome Lalaloopsy doll which sells like hot cakes. It is very much in demand and is being sold at very high prices on popular sites such as Amazon and eBay. The charming and talented Spot Splatter Splash is every childs dream and that explains its immense popularity. Parents are eager to get Spot Splatter Splash for their kids even though it is overpriced because she inspires creativity in them.

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