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Is Reality Tv Ethical

Reality TV shows are a big hit around the world. Viewers are attracted to the dramas that take place on reality TV sets, while producers and advertisers are pleased with the significant revenues that reality TV generates. In order to create the dramatic scenes that characterize reality TV shows, however, the producers often have to stage and heavily edit scenes. Whats worse is that reality TV producers go as far as to produce lies and rumors in order to provoke arguments and problems among contestants. Furthermore, reality TV show producers make it a point to put people in painful, humiliating, and embarrassing situations so the rest of us can get a laugh.

The only reason why reality TV shows continue to air is because many people watch them. But are reality TV shows ethical and should we even be wasting our time viewing them each week? Further, should we let our children watch reality TV? Many people are attracted to reality TV because they find it entertaining, while others simply find it hard to turn away because it is so shocking. Basically, reality TV is humiliation as entertainment. Sadly, many people feel entertained while watching others suffer, and the producers of reality TV shows just care about making money.

Reality TV producers arent really concerned with how the contestants feel. Their primary goals are commercial and financial success, even if that means humiliating fellow human beings. These producers see humiliation, injury, and suffering as consequences of doing business. And whats worse is that so-called reality TV isnt even real. Many of the scenes you see on reality TV are heavily edited and contrived. Most of the contestants images on reality TV are manipulated so that they represent different stereotypes in society. For example, many reality TV shows perpetuate harmful racial stereotypes.

Not only are the producers responsible for creating harmful stereotypes and humiliating others, the contestants themselves also resort to exaggerated behavior in order to get more air time. Many contestants are willing to go as far as to talk badly about other contestants and tease them on air in order to get more attention. Young, impressionable reality TVshow contestants will often do whatever it takes to achieve fame, even if it means defaming others to get there.
Reality TV shows are far from being documentaries. Large amounts of the footage are edited in order to create false scenes. Furthermore, producers alter many of the scenes in order to make them more interesting for viewers. True reality TV would be incredibly boring for viewers. Producers know that conflict is entertaining so they go out of their way to create conflict and capture it on camera.

Reality TV producers cause people embarrassment, humiliation, and suffering for the sake of ratings. This in itself is unethical. Many contestants go into reality TV without realizing the grave consequences of doing so. The releases that contestants sign for reality TV shows dont really explain everything that will happen to them on the show. And mid-way through the season, the producers get the contestants to sign another release. This second release is supposed to convince contestants that they should continue enduring all of the humiliation in order to have a chance at winning the prize at the end of the show. Sadly, some people are so desperate for fame and money that they are willing to experience humiliation in exchange for it.

The producers goal of making money through others suffering and humiliation is immoral and unethical at best. But viewers arent exactly ethical either. If you like reality TV shows and find them entertaining, have you ever questioned yourself as to why that is? Do you find it entertaining to watch other people suffer and get humiliated? If so, then you may have a problem.
To learn more about the truth of reality TVs cruelty, read the new novel, berstar, by Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall. Alaine-Marshall had the opportunity to speak with several contestants and behind-the-scenes participants of reality TV shows around the world, including Australian Idol, American Idol, X-Factor, and Indian Idol.

Rather than writing an expose revealing the truths about reality TV, Alaine-Marshall chose to keep everything confidential and write a fictional story based on true accounts. The result is a page turner that will give you insight on everything from the effects of reality TV shows on youth to the terrible way that contestants are treated on reality TV shows. Whether you like reality TV or not, youll be shocked by what you discover through reading this novel.

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