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Hardcore Ghetto Street Fights As Entertainment

We come across ghetto street fights not only in our neighborhood, but in fact it’s available in underground DVD’s and freely in the internet and it’s quite in demand too. And yes, you must have heard of G-Unit, Black Rob, Funkmaster Flex and Lil Jon who really loves ghetto street brawls and uses them in remixed music videos. These videos fetch for about t $15 in stores, some amounting to $19.99 and it one great business. The fans are many, thus producers of ghetto street fights can make $300,000-$500,000 off that DVD! Swell! People can sit comfortably in their couches at home and have a great time watching real ghetto street fights, all with the bloody scenes and foul languages.

For some watching the brutal ghetto street fights that erupts every now and then, one really want to do something to stop these sort of ugly fights which are sometimes fatal while for other its some entertainment watching both guys and girls beating the crap out of each other, smashing public windows and properties and such and have a great time!

Besides youngsters are really crazy about ghetto fights on the streets which are often very mean and raw and bystanders instead of stopping the fights tend to cheer them on. These days technology has made it quite easy for teenagers to film footage of these brawls and that too the objective being money making from violence. Parents need not find all these so surprising. Kids can just use their cellphones, catch the grueling fights and pass it on to others and the street fighter’s becomes a rage. These are real, raw footages and so they love it even more!

The reality aspects of the street fights also seem to attract the fans. Ghettos are one mean places where gang related street fights are very common, guns and all sorts of weapons are aplenty and a heated fight between two person often turns into major fights out in the open streets, more so at nighttime as not many folks venture out in the dark in such areas. It’s not unusual to also hear late in the night people smashing anything that’s nearby, kicking dustbins, just looking for a fight. When real fights start, they fight bare fisted, with bar handles, broken chairs, anything on hand, they are more or less hooligans destroying the sleep of simple folks. And yes, people just love to see these fights; some are staged, some real, mean ones. Even if you shut your eyes while watching the street fights, can still hear the grunts of pain and knuckles hitting the jaws, giving you the goose bums but then many are after these ghetto street fights as they just love these nasty fights.

Many take these brawls and street fight in the ghettos as entertainment. In fact in websites like the, tapes are sold of street fights and ghetto brawls for huge prices and fans are jam-packed enquiring about the latest news and fights. It’s all an entertainment!

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