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EQ Next Next – What You Need To Know

The EQ Next Plat or popularly known as EverQuest Next is a multiplayer online role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment. It will be a unique game; meaning, not part of any of the sequels or even prequel of the games previously released by EverQuest. The primary reason for creating the game is to create a fusion between classic style of playing and the very famous multiplayer online role playing game.

The brain behind EQNext Plat; Sony Online Entertainment uses a special game engine; Forgelight. This game engine is known to deliver high quality lighting effect thereby making the game more realistic. This will further attract players to keep on playing the game.

Segments of the game

Standard quest based multiplayer online role playing game. You can create your own class there. The list of races is long, you can play as Ogre, Night Elf, Dwarf and so on. You can find more anout races in EverQuest Next here All of the playable races can choose any class and that’s great! EverQuest Next Landmark

Get help with your EverQuest Leveling

This game is appealing to people who love excitement and thrill. To get help with your EQ Next leveling, it is a must to avail a guide book containing all pertinent details about the game including the instructions on how to make the game more fulfilling and enjoyable to players.

If you are going to search online, you will find a lot of EQ Next guides and they are regularly updated so that you can take full advantage. By referring to these guides, you will be able to further advance your level quest. Through the guide, you will be able to boost your playing potential. The levelling manual should contain all levels of the EverQuest journey.

That way, you will know exactly what to do in every level. The guide should be written in an easy to understand way so that you will be able to get the most out of it. By referring to the EQNext guide, you will know exactly what to do in every hint as well as be able to come up with a winning strategy. The aim of the Ever Quest Next guide is to help you become victorious in every level.

Surely, there are so many multiplayer online role playing games, but only a few of them offer the kind of thrill and excitement needed by the players. The Ever Quest Next has promised to deliver the kind of entertainment, thrill, and excitement you need. To get the most out of the game, you should make sure you get a leveling guide.

A player can progress in different ways. For example there is great achievements system which gives you different bonuses. Achievements are very important in EQN, some achievements make your character much stronger. I don’t know why other MMO games didn’t use such rewards based on your achievement progress. On my opinion it’s great and I like it.

Now let’s talk about graphics: in general the world is not very beautiful. The picture is not the best and CryEngine 3 is much better, but:

It’s a game and such graphics looks attractive. I like such games The world is fully destructible! Yes guys, it’s possible to destroy almost everything. Destructible world is one of the most important features in the game. You can crush walls and even ground. You can find hidden places and treasures. It’s even possible to make a whole in ground and fall to a strong boss directly, without playing through the whole dungeon. Have you ever seen such system in other multiplayer online games? That’s why the graphics isn’t amazing. Your PC will not be able to afford such world changes if they implement great graphic details. Minecraft for example is made of cubes! But Graphics in EverQuest Next is much better.

There is little information about EQ Next available in the internet. But from what I know I can tell that this game is worth at least following. I hope that this project will become stronger and stronger and we will see awesome game in the end! Developers have a lot of different ideas and the game will be great.

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