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Entertainment Promotion Leverages Digital Promotions To Improve Brand Loyalty And Lift Sales

An entertainment promotion builds upon the public’s insatiable appetite for ringtones, games, music download promotions, and instant win sweepstakes. These digital promotions are being used by a growing number of companies. They are replacing more traditional channels and attracting larger budgets. Businesses of every size have begun to use mobile promotions to appeal to new segments of their market. These promotions are also used to strengthen the loyalty of their existing customer base. The pioneers of entertainment promotion were large companies. They had the resources to move into markets on a wide scale. Today, promotional risk coverage has made it possible for small companies to enjoy the same advantages. Below, we’ll explain how your company can use entertainment promotions to improve customer loyalty, strengthen your brand, and lift sales.

Entertainment Promotions Fits Seamlessly With Mobile Promotions

Mobile promotions consist of ringtone and music downloads, games, and sweepstakes. They can be delivered in a number of ways, including through in-pack and on-pack distribution, digital signage, and customized cards. The promotional vehicle can be designed for brand consistency. The recipient would receive a web address and an entertainment promotion code. The landing page at the web address can be easily customized to further promote your brand, thereby making it clear that your company is offering the incentive.

When consumers arrive at your landing page to take advantage of your promotional incentive, they’ll be greeted by creative elements which heighten their loyalty to your brand. Whether they are there to play a game, register for a sweepstakes offer, or download wallpaper and songs from an upcoming blockbuster movie, your brand will be further cemented in their minds.

The Role of Digital Promotions in Entertainment Promotion Campaigns

Consumers are more open to digital promotions than ever. A growing number of people use robust mobile devices to connect to the world around them. This is good news for companies that need to reach their market while maintaining a more conservative budget. Because games, music, and other digital content are delivered online, the cost of deploying an entertainment promotion campaign is lower than pursuing traditional channels. Entertainment promotions also allow you to tap into the desire of your customer base to receive instant gratification. Not only does that lead to better brand loyalty, but it can trigger a significant lift in long-term sales.

How Entertainment Promotions Lift Sales

Customers buy from companies they trust. And once they do, they are far more likely to buy again and again. That trust is built over time through a number of different mechanisms. For many consumers, entertainment promotion incentives are one of the most powerful motivators to engage with a particular business. The promise of free mobile games, ringtones, and other digital content attracts attention and draws consumers in. Then, once the entertainment promotion incentive has been consumed, it triggers an instinct to reciprocate. That leads to brand loyalty which ultimately results in long-term repeat sales.

Improving Brand Loyalty with Entertainment Promotion Ideas

Lifting sales over a short period can lead to a bump in revenue. But, without brand loyalty, your customer base is transitory. It is vulnerable to your competitors. A carefully planned entertainment promotion campaign will improve that loyalty. Once a customer has enjoyed multiple positive experiences with your company, he or she is less likely to migrate to a competitor. By offering free entertainment promotion incentives, you can ensure their ongoing experience is positive. In doing so, you’ll improve customer loyalty while having a perfect promotional vehicle through which to promote your products.

Entertainment Promotion through Music Download Promotions

Music download promotions are especially effective for four main reasons. First, entertainment promotions, which offer free downloadable music to consumers, can easily tap into a rich source of new content. Second, it’s affordable and easy to deploy. Third, it caters perfectly to your customers’ attraction to instant gratification. And by directing consumers to a branded landing page and requiring them to register for the free music download, your entertainment promotion campaign can capture consumer contact information and other data.

Many companies have yet to explore the potential of adding entertainment promotions to their current marketing strategy. They are missing one of the most promising promotional channels to emerge over the last decade. Now is the time to investigate how this evolution of promotional marketing can add to your company’s bottom line.

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 1:00 pm
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