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Direct Tv Channels Targeted Towards Women And Men

The battle between the sexes has been an evolving argument for centuries. While men traditionally called all the shots and women were expected to comply, the last century has seen a progression of more equal roles among men and women. With a balance in power between men and women also comes a developing interest in finding entertainment niches for both of the sexes. With Direct TV, the entertainment needs for men and women are addressed by the creation of channels that are geared towards gender specific programming. While stations such as Spike are focused mainly on male entertainment, the Hallmark Channel and Oxygen specifically target women viewers. Typically male programming tends to highlight sports, cartoon humor, and action films. This is in great contrast to the romantic comedies and dramas that characterize womens programming. These gender specific channels are not meant to be solely for the viewing purposes of one gender, but are simply marketed towards one demographic.

The Spike channel is marketed directly towards young males in both the choices of programming and advertising. Programs aired on the Spike Channel include The Ultimate Fighter, and CSI reruns. Spike is also known for its James Bond movie marathons and the dubbed comedy game show MXC. The majority of these programs are targeted at a young male audience, but that is not to say women viewers dont also enjoy this kind of programming. An HD viewing of The Ultimate Fighter takes wrestling and cage fighting to a new extreme. Professional cage fighters duke it out for the title, while the program follows their lives as they live together and train together. Comedy Centrals The Mans Show is written specifically for men with a remnant air of the Howard Stern Radio Talk Show. Comedy programs aired in Spike and Comedy Central can be marketed towards both women and men, but are overwhelmingly watched by males.

Womens programming does not revolve as much around violence, but tends to lean heavily on drama and romantic comedies. Channels such as the Hallmark Channel and Oxygen specialize in made for TV movies famous for their heart wrenching plots and tear jerking endings. Digitally re-mastered and high definition versions of older shows such as 7th Heaven and Little House on the Prairie are popular programs on the Hallmark Channel that are suitable for the entire family. The Oxygen Channel specifically targets women with programs such as The Bad Girls Club and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show.

The appeal to the sexes is also apparent in the choice of advertising on gender specific television channels. While Spike channel is flooded with commercials for mens deodorant and sporting events, Hallmark Channel focuses their advertising campaigns on makeup and hair products. The goals of gender specific programming are to target one half of the population based on whether they are female of male. While the battle of the sexes is still prevalent in modern society, through targeting gender specific programming, the entertainment industry aims to appease both sides.

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