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Create Biography using Scrapbook Supplies

An explanation or a detailed description of a persons life is called a biography. Biographies recount the experiences of a particular persona. Aside from experiences, biographies also indicate the birth, education, work, relationships, and death of a person. Most of the times, people who are famous and have contributed significant ideas and works in the society are the main subject of biography.

Aside from biography, there is also autobiography. Autobiographies are made by the person himself. It means that the subject of the autobiography is the author himself. So do not confuse yourself when you distinguish the difference between biographies and autobiographies. Always remember, a biography is made by other persons other than the topic being referred.

According to Wikipedia, the most popular biography during the late Middle Ages in Europe was “Le Morte dArthur” or “The Death of Arthur,” written by Sir Thomas Malory. Usually, national heroes and heroines are also the main topics of various biographies and in fact some of them are part of specific curriculum. In this Philippines, for example, there is a particular course about their national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Students nowadays do not have much difficulty in finding facts and topics about Rizal because of the internet. With just a click from their favorite search engine like Google then their problems are solved. However, students must consider also that not all stories being mentioned in the internet are reliable. It is therefore suggested that they must examine the reliability and source of the data.

Men from science and politicians are also the other subject of biographies. Those include former American President George Washington, phonograph and film camera discoverer Thomas Edison, renowned German physicist Albert Einstein, and among others. If there are so-called autobiographies, there are also short biographies. Those offer summarized accounts of the experiences and life facts of a particular person. Short biographies only contain the important events of the biographys subject.

Most of us are getting bored in reading biographies that contain only texts. Well it can really cause aches on our eyes and brain. So if you are planning to create a biography or an autobiography, rather, then you can use scrapbooking supplies to make it better. Add pictures on your work to entice the readers. Pictures can let them have better understanding on what you are trying to convey. Elaborate time charts that highlight the important events that happened on your life with highlighters. You can create customized scrapbooking papers to make your work creative. Mixing various colors can also add creativity so you should try it.

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