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ClubWPT Coupon Code

This article will reveal all the information about how and where to get the best ClubWPT Coupon Code. First of all I will tell you why it’s important. The level of competition in poker is very high. Different poker rooms offer different bonuses in order to attract players. If you know proper coupon code you can get something valuable from a poker room without paying a cent for this. As you see such knowledge is beneficial and that’s why this article is written. You will find out which coupon code for ClubWPT is the best one. If you are going to play at PokerStars the best choice for you will be “STARS600” which allows to receive the best 100% up to $600 bonus. It is a very good opportunity to increase your initial bankroll without any risks or fees. Just imagine, you deposit $400 and get extra $400 for free. Of course you will have to clean the bonus, but the cleaning process is easy and will not require a lot of time.

What’s the best coupon code for WPT Club? You can find it at – -VIPCLUB-. This code allows to receive special Free Trial period. You can use this period for getting familiar with the room.

Free Trial is an amazing offer, which allows to test all services of WPT Club without any fees. Why this offer is so great? That’s because the Club is subscription based poker room. That sounds unusual- How poker room can be subscription based? Let me explain: you don’t need to deposit your money but you need to pay special monthly fee. The fee is low and allows you to participate in tourneys where real money prizes can be won.

Do you see the difference? When you create a new account and start playing in traditional room you have to make deposit and risk your money. There is no other way to win there. But ClubWPT uses different system. You don’t risk your funds because you pay small monthly fee. You may think that the prizes are also low there but that’s wrong. There are tournaments with very good prizes and you can win a part of the prize pool without any risks.

-VIPCLUB- coupon code gives unique opportunity to try all games and tournaments without spending a cent! After entering this code you receive a chance to claim 2 weeks of Trial access for free. That means you can play poker games and win real money there! You can cash out your winnings anytime even if you don’t want to continue as VIP member.

As you can see the proper coupon code gives amazing chances. You can see how the poker room really works and even win something valuable there. If you like how the room operates you can continue as VIP member, but if you don’t like the room nobody will force you to continue. You can cancel the trial any time and leave the room. Tis amazing offer is for everybody. There are no special requirements. Everybody can visit official website of the room, enter coupon code and claim the offer anytime.

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