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Chuckling with a Most Funny April Fools’ Day Card Designed by Yourself

The first day of April is fast approaching, which widely celebrated as All Fools’ Day. What are you going to do on this day? Yes, it’s time to play pranks and tricks on each other, share jokes or behave other forms of mischief making the trickee become a fool. Whatever you do, just enjoy all that funny jokes taken on you, and make the others laugh.

So are you ready for the upcoming Fools’ Day? Have you prepared cool jokes for your friends? Are you thinking of a glorious way to prank your friends on that day? Don’t wait until the last minute when you realize you’re on a tight deadline. You need to have some really cool ideas in your mind before you become someone’s target.

In fact, there are so many normal prank ideas for your information, for example, put some hot sauce on someone’s toothbrush, tape a kick me sign on someone’s back and a bucket of water over the door also never goes out of style. Besides, sending funny April Fools’ Day cards is also another special and gentle way to spend this day with others.

April Fools’ Day cards are great way to share a heart laugh. There are a lot of preset cards at Amazon and at Zazzle. Of course, you can buy and download any one you like most. But how about making a personalized card from various funny April Fools’ card templates without hassles of registration, login, and online payment? Then a powerful card maker will give such an easy, quick and simple way. You might as well take Picture Collage Maker for Mac into your consideration.

No matter you want amuse your friends with a classic -Wanted- poster, or you’d like put their face on another body and become Super Man, Clown, or other comical animals. Picture Collage Maker has all the well-designed templates with all kinds of funny tricks, sayings, quotes and jokes that make your April Day more cheerful. Your friends will have a good laugh at their funny look on the card!

All the funny April Fools’ card templates are fully customizable. You are free to double the laughs with hundreds of delicate clipart and your can add some fun words to highlight the theme. In just a matter of minutes, you will have done it successfully. Here you have options to print it out directly and send to friends in person on that day or share via Facebook, Email, etc., saving paper and the environment.

The spirit of April Fools’ Day is that you don’t have to play practical jokes to get a chuckle out of this relaxing day. Just take comfort from some of the funny and witty April Fools’ Day card templates in Picture Collage Maker and laugh from the bottom of the heart.

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