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Choosing The Right Color For Your Cabinets

An investment in a new or remodeled kitchen is sure to reap many rewards down the line. It sharply increases the value of your home, while also making your home more functional as a whole. Your kitchen is an important room after all, one that is usually used multiple times a day. For many people, it is an entertainment space, cooking space, storage space, a home office, and more. Among the most important changes you will make when renovating your kitchen is choosing new kitchen cabinets. Old, out-of-style kitchen cabinets can be given a new coat of paint, a new finish, or some new hardware, but will still be the same old cabinets. New kitchen cabinets look and feel new, are more durable, and will last in your home for a long time. Consider the ways in which finding new kitchen cabinets in Sarasota will turn up the heat in your renovation, giving you outstanding results.

When you do decide on new cabinets for your kitchen, the material, style, size, and layout of the cabinets can all be discussed with a design expert. But one of the most important features of kitchen cabinets is their color or finish. Completing the job with kitchen cabinets requires that they have a beautiful final color, one that ties together the design of your kitchen as a whole. Here are some of the color trends that are popular in current kitchen design, and details to help you find the right color for your brand new cabinetry.


White is a classic, versatile color that matches with just about every color under the sun. Use this color for a clean, simple, elegant look, or to balance out vibrant countertops, decor, or wall and floor color. Any style of home can benefit from white cabinetry, especially older homes with an old-fashioned design.


Black is not quite classic, as it has more bold and unique presence. It is perfect when trying to modernize an old-fashioned kitchen, giving it a touch of personality. These days, kitchens that are imitating a smart, masculine New York design or a classy, chef-quality Parisian design can benefit from black. Kitchens in a rustic, country, or Cape Cod style will want to avoid black cabinetry.


Natural finish is also old fashioned, as it is simply a way of shining wood for a natural, handcrafted appeal. Natural finish colors, or colors of finish that resemble real wood, can be used in most kitchens, and highlight the beautiful craftsmanship of your cabinetry. Some, though, feel that finished cabinets will look boring or outdated. Also, kitchens that lean highly modern, especially when focusing on metals, may not look good with natural wood coloring. Note also that an unnatural finish, which will leave behind an appearance of real wood grain, though in a color like black or blue which wood does not naturally come in, is not recommended. This appearance of unusually colored wood is popular is eclectic style kitchens, or rustic kitchens, but will give your cabinetry the appearance of being made of imitation wood.


Bold color can be any color besides black, white, or a natural finish. Many contemporary kitchens can have teal, blue, or even red cabinetry. Some kitchens with a more classic style may update their new cabinets in a fun color. This adds a contemporary spunk and some powerful personality to your kitchen, but is only recommended on simple, small cabinetry. If your kitchen has a large amount of cabinetry, then a bold color will overwhelm the room.

If you are ready to find new kitchen cabinets in Sarasota, then consider an expert in craftsmanship and design who can help you decide on every aspect of the renovation process. When you find the right color for your cabinets, you will see how much of a difference your brand new cabinetry has made in creating a perfect, functional kitchen.

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