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Car Tweeters For A Complete Audio Entertainment

Do you have a music system in your car? If so, then you must have noticed how your amplifier reproduces low and mid range sounds with ease, while faltering slightly on high scales. Woofers and subwoofers will certainly get you by when you just want some music in your car, but to get those high pitched tones right, you definitely need a tweeter. The tweeter will reproduce the high-pitched sounds in a crystal clear, smooth manner. Adding a tweeter to your car music system is certainly a good thing.

Some points must be kept in mind when choosing a tweeter. These are,

1.Power supply Adding a tweeter will mean a demand for extra power. Make sure your vehicles power system can handle more load. Also, make sure the power on your speakers and woofers match that on the tweeters.

2.Output strength Go through the product manual before you sign the check. You are buying a tweeter for reproducing high pitched sounds, so the output impedance must be high. Anything from 4-8 ohm is good. Do not go for any higher, as it will guzzle power like an elephants diet. Any lower and it wont serve the purpose it was bought for.

3.Mounting options You should be able to mount the tweeter on any surface around your speaker. It can be on the ceiling, surface, flush, angle or door. Make sure it comes with sufficient options to mount it almost anywhere.

4.Constituent Materials Tweeters with paper cones start suffering in sound quality only after a few months. Paper or foam cones also waste some of the sound through inward absorption. To avoid this, go for tweeters with polypropylene or silk cones. These last longer and also reproduce sound better. There are bullet shaped tweeters made of titanium and chrome. These are more expensive, but last really long. So, if you can afford the price tag, go for these.

5. Positioning the tweeter This is perhaps the easiest decision to make, because tweeters are really small in size. These are usually anything from 1-6 inches long. So, you can even mount one on the body of a speaker if you are in a crunch for space.

Keep these points in mind when you go to buy yourself car tweeters for your music system. The quality of sound these little babies can provide are certainly worth the price tag.

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