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Awesome Bmw 3 Series E90 Dvd Gps Navi System Comes Out

If your BMW E90 is one of the cars that does not have the dvd navigation but just the in dash radio / CD player then here is your chance to upgrade your car to a modern in dash stereo system. The software on BMW E90 Navigation is based on Windows CE 6.0 platform which is different from the most car entertainment system. This unit fits pretty well in the dash as you can see from the pictures.

This unit can be used in the BMW 3 series like BMW E90, E91, E92 models have a automatic air conditioner, just plug and play, and even the steering wheel controls work – volume up / down – search up / down etc. The BMW E90 DVD is fitted with a 7 Inch touch screen display ( resolution 800×480 ). So basically this unit does pretty much all you would expect from a modern car dvd gps system. Radio / MP3 / Iphone / bluetooth music / bluetooth phone / gps navigation.

Highlights about this dvd player for BMW E90:

1. With BMW Can Bus To Support your original steering wheel controls
2. DVB-T MPEG4 and MPEG2: single frequency and double frequency (optional), ISDB-T or ATSC-MH (Optional)
3. TMC optional: Traffic Message Channel
4. PIP: Picture in Picture
5. Display Car Info: Temperature, Range, Avg speed, Avg oil wear, Syn Time
6. GPS Navigation: with free GPS maps of igo8

We are car dvd gps experts more than in car entertainment systems but we have worked with the supplier to get this BMW E90 DVD compatible. This is a DIY kit and should be possible for most people to install and work out the on screen menus and connect their iphone etc to the system. This system is a versatile easy to use system at a great price aimed at everyday drivers – if you want to turn your car into a mobile disco there are probably better options.

The colour screen is clear and sharp although in bright daylight it can be more difficult to read – this is not really a major criticism of this unit as this is a problem we have seen in factory fitted systems.

This unit may appear expensive but when you can spend around 150 just to repair the pixel problems on the standard unit and the consider you have navi / DVD / colour Screen etc it represents good value for money.

In fitting this unit you will not loose the car information display like Temperature, Range, Avg speed, Avg oil wear, Syn Time and the ability to set the time on the clock – although this can be overcome by routing the plug for the driver display unit through the top speaker grille where it can easily be connected when required.

This unit does have an input for rear view camera. This unit does have the ability to customise the welcome screen graphic which is a nice touch. Basically you need to remove the dash end panels dash top and then remove the old system – fit the new system and connect wiring.

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