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Month: October 2017

Arts Festival in Oklahoma City

Arts festival in Oklahoma City is a great opportunity for people of all ages to engage their senses in exciting festival experience. The occasion offers a unique treat with a rich blend of visual, performing and culinary arts, and cultures from all around the nation. Numerous live performances staged at this place add to the […]

Lasermaxx Lasergames Opens First Laser Tag Center In The Middle-east.

Middle-Eastern Chain of Restaurants Adopts LaserMaxx Laser Tag. LaserMaxx Saniour in Lebanon recently opened their doors to become the first LaserMaxx Laser Tag arena in the Middle-east, as part of the Lebanese Saniour Restaurant Chain. De Bilt, The Netherlands, 8-11-2012 Founded in 1995, Dutch LaserMaxx Lasergames, recently opened the first laser tag center in Lebanon. […]

Art’s Impact On Society

Art is an extremely private experience, yet, it is meant to be shared with the public. Society, as a whole, examines the art produced and has the right to approve, disapprove, acknowledge, ignore, praise and abuse it. The public or society has not remained constant over the years. In the time of the Renaissance, for […]

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